Balancing Act: How Time Management and Energy Management Go Hand in Hand

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by your multiple priorities? I definitely have those moments. Personally, I find it particularly challenging to manage my priorities after the children have been on holiday and they resume school. While this is a fun time for all of us as there is a lot to look forward to, it […]

The Best Time to Reflect, Refresh and Reset!

Can you believe that we are more than half way through 2022?! Whatever feelings this ignites in you, you can be intentional about the rest of 2022. Personally, I use the month of July to reflect, refresh and reset. July is my pause month – it’s when I stop to refuel in order to finish […]

5 Truths About Confidence

Confident Woman Confidence Simplified

I haven’t always seen myself as a confident person. In the past, when people around me said I was confident, I’d be surprised since I definitely did not feel it. I realised I had been believing some myths about confidence, which are: the loudest person in the room is the most confident. you are either […]

How Imposter Syndrome Is Holding You Back (and What to Do About It)

Me making a blooper during recording 😄 – Afful Leadership & Business Coaching

I Never Thought This Would Be Me Recently I’ve been recording videos for my upcoming online course. I can honestly say, I never thought that would be me in the photo above. This is a screenshot of me in the video right after I made a mistake and had to shoot another take. I am […]

Are You Making These Professional Mistakes That Hinder Your Career?

For years early in my career, I was frustrated because I felt ‘stuck’ and unnoticed. I struggled with my confidence being surrounded by many experienced people, and this led me to second guess myself. I was intimidated to speak up, even when I knew what to say. I dealt with self doubt and thought I did not […]


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