Building Confidence, Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in the Workforce

Starting 17th October 2023

4 Weekly Online Sessions +
Addon In-Person Event

Research shows women in the workforce struggle most with confidence and career progression

The Voice of Women at Work 2023 research report showed:

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of women lack confidence and have moments of self doubt

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of women say their career is not progressing as quickly as they would like

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At 59%, confidence is the most common trait women see in leaders

These findings confirm my own experience working with and mentoring numerous women on their professional journeys. Time and again, I’ve witnessed the impact of self-doubt and the lack of career growth. It reinforces the urgent need for programs like ‘Building Confidence, Breaking Barriers’, which is designed to empower women to overcome these obstacles, build unwavering confidence, and unlock their full potential.

My Confidence Journey

Embarking on the journey of self-confidence has been nothing short of remarkable for me. It’s a story of transformation that I believe can inspire others.

I always knew I had the skills and capabilities, but my confidence seemed to ebb and flow with the people around me and their perceptions of me. Early in my career, a single incident struck a heavy blow to my confidence.

For years, I allowed this incident to define me – a capable professional, yet one who felt overlooked and lacking in confidence. But then, I decided it was time for change. I started to challenge those self-limiting beliefs and replace them with a positive and empowering mindset.

Today, I define confidence in my career as follows: “Confidence is the unwavering belief in yourself, regardless of external feedback. It’s about never doubting your abilities, irrespective of the outcomes.”

In this program I will share invaluable insights and practical tips on how I transitioned from a timid young professional into a transformational leader.

Why I Am Running This Program

“I am deeply passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and am committed to advancing these principles across all facets of life. I wholeheartedly advocate for marginalised communities and believe in the power of equity and inclusion to create positive change. This program represents a labour of love, a true passion project that allows me to give back to the community. It is my way of contributing to the betterment of society, alongside the incredible organisations I am proud to partner with.”

— Taona Afful

Building Confidence, Breaking Barriers

The Towards 2025: An Australian Government Strategy to Boost Women's Workforce Participation showed CALD representation at 47.3%.

This empowering coaching program is designed exclusively for women who want to embrace their true selves, break free from limitations, and lead lives of courage and authenticity. Through a series of weekly live online sessions, you’ll gain self-awareness, develop a growth-oriented mindset, improve your communication skills, build resilience, and set and achieve meaningful goals.

This program aims to equip and empower women from diverse backgrounds to:

This Program is for You if you answer “yes” to any of these:

Join us on this transformative journey to become the brave and bold woman you were meant to be!

From undervaluing myself to landing a leadership role: Taona’s coaching helped me shift my self-perception and confidently express my true worth. I encourage anyone aspiring to advance their career to join! Thank you, Taona, for empowering me to become the leader I always knew I could be.”

— Julie

Building Confidence, Breaking Barriers Program Content

4 Week Online Program – Live Sessions on Tuesdays 7pm (Sydney Time zone)

Module 1

Building a Positive Mindset and Self-Belief

Covers the following:

Module 2

Creating Your Personal Brand

Covers the following:

Module 3

Developing Your Job Search Skill

Covers the following:

Module 4

Mastering Your Communication

Covers the following:

Meet taona and network with other professionals

In-person Addon Workshop

Saturday 18th November, 9.30am—1.00pm at Fletcher Community Centre

To consolidate learning from the online program, Taona is hosting an in-person workshop featuring expert speakers on job application tips and strategies from a recruitment professional, and professional presentation skills from an entrepreneur and project management specialist. Program participants will get a chance to showcase their skills and network on the day. 

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