The Most Important Tips for Your Job Search

I used to feel really anxious and powerless applying for jobs. I felt the recruiter had all the power and there was nothing I could do about it. I vividly remember a time when a senior role I was interested in became available. I approached the hiring manager and let them know of my intent to apply, and they encouraged me to do so. I did, but didn’t even get an interview. I was so discouraged.

Once I got over my disappointment, I began investing in myself. I realised that whilst I was very competent, I was not great at articulating my value and my key achievements. Up to that point my resume was just a list of duties I copied from my job description.

Years later, I have now the mastered the art of applying for jobs and interviewing. As a hiring manager and career coach I understand how to identify standout resumes. When I sit on recruitment panels, I at times advocate for applicants that fall short on the job criteria, because I see the value they could bring to the job. Where they fall short, training and development will be provided to add to the value they already bring.

Fundamental Tips for Your Job Search

💡 As an applicant you have power in the recruitment process.

Recruitment is a negotiation process. As an applicant you want to work for an organisation that aligns with your values and compensates you well. As you job hunt, use the opportunity to ‘vet’ the people you will potentially work with. Define what your non-negotiables are. Reflect on the way they communicate with you, how the interviews are structured and how they respond to your questions.

💡 A Job Description is not set in stone, it can be flexible.

I have written or reviewed over 100 position descriptions. When I write one, I envision the ideal person for the role and tailor the description to that. Sometimes I even write in the current gaps in the team, to attract a candidate that can fill in those gaps. A position description is a marketing document for a recruiter to attract the best candidates. Do not discount yourself from applying for a job because you do not meet all the requirements on a job description. I tell my clients to consider a position description as the optimum you can grow into. You don’t have to be at that level when you are hired. Once you start, you can grow into it.

💡 Your Resume is a Marketing Document.

As an applicant your resume is a marketing document to make you stand out from others and get an interview. Do not treat your resume as just a list of what you have done. Use your resume to showcase your achievements. What you did, how you did it, and the results you got. Following this will result in a more impressive resume that better showcases your professional value.

5 Day FREE Resume Makeover

Perhaps you identify with my story at the start of the post. Resume writing is hard, and for most people it is really hard! Have you ever watched someone less competent than you get a job over you? Are you tired of missing out on great jobs because your resume is ordinary?

I will be running a 5 Day Free Resume Makeover where I will share tips and strategies you can implement immediately to transform your resume and bring you closer to that dream job.

As a hiring manager and career coach, I have insider knowledge that will make your resume stand out!

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