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Resume Bootcamp
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Transform your resume from average to standout, and land that dream job you’ve always wanted

Starting 14th March 2023

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Starting 14th March 2023
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Tired of applying for jobs and not even getting a response?

I used to feel really anxious and powerless applying for jobs. I vividly remember a time when a senior role I was interested in became available. I approached the hiring manager and they encouraged me apply. I did, but didn’t even get an interview. I felt so discouraged.

Once I got over my disappointment, I began investing in myself. I realised that whilst I was very competent, I was not great at articulating my value and my key achievements. Up to that point my resume was just a list of duties I copied from my job description.

Years later, I have now the mastered the art of applying for jobs and interviewing. As a hiring manager and career coach I have insider knowledge that will make your resume stand out! I have written or reviewed over 100 position descriptions and have been on multiple interview panels.

In this course I will share tips and insights from a recruiter’s point of view to empower you in your job search process.

Here’s a shocker: most people have average resumes and don’t even know it. 🤯

An average resume usually has a generic summary statement and a list of the duties and tasks you did in your previous jobs. With this course you can leverage my personal story and my 10+ years of being in the hiring seat to transform your resume from average to standout.

How to know if this course is for you

Finding a great job starts with writing a great resume, one that speaks to your personal and professional strengths. Learn how to create a resume that stands out and makes employers notice you.

In the Resume Bootcamp course I will teach you the exact process and framework I use successfully with my coaching clients.

This course is for you if:

The senior partner who interviewed me said, “Your resume is very professional and complete, without the need for a cover letter”. I didn’t know there was more than one type of resume. I approached Taona to coach me to land my ideal job. My chronological resume did not showcase my skills well. Taona suggested a functional resume format. I am now enjoying a job I have dreamt of for a long time.

— Claudia (Accounting Professional)

Everything You Need to Know To Create A Great Resume That Will Land You An Interview

Learn the tips and insights of what makes a resume successful from an experienced recruiter’s point of view, to stand out and get ahead of the competition when you apply for your next job.

Module 1

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Resumes

Covers the following:

Module 2

Structuring Your Resume for Success

Covers the following:

Module 3

Optimising Your Resume for Application Tracking Systems

Covers the following:

Module 4

Making Your Resume Land on the ‘Yes’ Pile

Covers the following:

Go further with our Optional 2-week addon

Cover Letter and Interview Tips

Get both for just $97 (discounted from full price of $150)

Bonus Module 1

Creating a Great Cover Letter

Covers the following:

Bonus Module 2

Acing Your Interview

Covers the following:

After 5 years with the same organisation I had reached the ceiling of my growth there I knew I had to take the next step in my career but reentering the job market was daunting. I reached out to Taona for advice on my resume, along with tips on my job search. Her review of my resume was invaluable and taught me how to focus in on my goals and to tailor my experience to the roles I was after. I successfully landed a job with the NSW Government.

— Henry (Project Manager)

Top it off with a resume review

Personalised Feedback for Your Resume

Only $49 ($135 value)

Share your final revamped resume for personalised feedback from Taona before submitting applications (limit of one review). The review of your resume will check if:

When You Enrol in the Resume Bootcamp Course You Get Access To:

For years I had been applying for jobs and getting turned down. I did not know the reason why I kept getting turned down. [...] I engaged Taona to do my Resume and Cover Letter. I have since landed myself a job, and this was the very first job I applied for using my new Resume and Cover letter. It was well worth the investment.
— Precious (HR Professional)

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