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Fast Track Your Career:

Personal Branding Course

Are you ready to take ownership and push your career to the next level?

Join for me for the Fast Track Your Career: Personal Branding Course where I will show you step-by-step how to develop clear professional goals and work to achieve them quickly and painlessly.

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Feeling Stuck?

For years early in my career, I was frustrated because I felt ‘stuck’ and unnoticed. I struggled with my confidence being surrounded by many experienced people, and this led me to second guess myself.

I was intimidated to speak up, even when I knew what to say. I dealt with self doubt and thought I did not measure up. I missed out on opportunities, because I did not know how to communicate my value.

I finally got out of this rut, when I decided to take control and stopped waiting for someone to ‘rescue’ me. That was the BEST DECISION I’ve made in my career! 

I know a lot of people are facing the same struggles I faced, and that’s why I’ve created this course with everything I know, from my personal and professional experience, showing a proven and straightforward step-by-step approach you can take to advance your career to the next level.

Did you know that your performance only accounts for 10% when it comes to promotion and career progression? The other 90% comes down to personal brand, image, exposure, communication, social capital, and being proactive!

Is this course the right fit for you?

In Fast Track Your Career: Personal Branding, I will teach you the exact process I followed to transform my career to the point where I love and enjoy what I do. You too can fast track your career success. This course is for you if you:

Why should you trust me?

As a leader with a proven track record, I have transformed the careers of many people. In 2019, I was awarded for work that transformed a dysfunctional team into a high-performance one. This improved not only the team culture and performance, but more importantly the career trajectories of everyone involved were significantly accelerated.

I have taken all the tools, strategies, and techniques I learned through that process and used it to develop this course so that you too can bring clarity to your professional goals and take action today to achieve them.

[Taona] gave structure to my dreams, turning them into vision, and helped me build a plan to achieve them! She provided many resources even for my smallest ideas to learn and implement strategies to achieve my goals.

She taught me how to shift my perspective so that I can adjust and adapt my plans to life changes. I am now excited to see what I can achieve! Such a great investment for my future, a future full of possibilities!

– Accounting Professional

5 modules of insightful and highly actionable content

Drawing from my professional experience leading award winning teams and coaching several individuals to career success, this course is packed with insight, strategies and actionable steps you can take today to start seeing tangible results in your career ASAP.

Module 1

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Covers the following:

Module 2

Taking Action on Your Professional Goal

Covers the following:

Module 3

Solidifying Your Personal Brand

Covers the following:

Module 4

Articulating Your Value

Covers the following:

Module 5

Mastering Your Communication

Covers the following:

“For years I had been applying for jobs and getting turned down. I did not know the reason why I kept getting turned down but now I do. I engaged Taona’s services and she guided me in capturing and articulating my value. My resume now speaks confidently on my behalf and anyone who looks at it, straightaway knows my value.

I have since landed myself a job aligned with my career and lifestyle goals. If you keep getting turned down when you apply for jobs, it could be because you have not articulated your value. I highly recommend Taona, if you are ready to transform and fast track your career.

– Human Resource Professional

By the end of this course you will have:

Above all else, the Fast Track Your Career: Personal Branding Course will empower you to take control of your career and achieve your professional goals.

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