One Thing To Do Before Looking for Your Next Job!

Choosing the right job can be a difficult decision, as it can have a significant impact on your overall satisfaction and well-being. Just because a job is paying more than your current job, does not mean it is the right job for you.

The first step in finding the right job for you, starts with defining your career or professional goal. What is it that you want? By having a goal, it narrows you job search.

A client I worked with was tired of the industry they were in and wanted to make a shift. When they came to me their goal was to get a better paying job in a different industry. Through coaching, they discovered that their actual underlying goal was to get a job that suited their family lifestyle, did not have sporadic shifts, and had more leadership responsibility. If we had not drilled down to what the client truly wanted, they could have ended with a different, possibly higher paying job that did not suit their lifestyle.

Before you start looking for a new job, spend time defining exactly what you want.

Steps to Define Your Professional Goal

1. Take Charge

For years early on in my career, I was frustrated because I felt ‘stuck’ and unnoticed. I struggled with my confidence surrounded by many experienced people, which led me to second guess myself. I was intimidated to speak up, even when I knew what to say. I missed out on opportunities, because I did not know how to communicate my value. I finally got out of this rut, when I decided to take control and stopped waiting for someone to ‘rescue’ me. That was the BEST DECISION I’ve made in my career!

Make a decision to take charge of your career. Be proactive in seeking out opportunities.

2. Know Yourself

Who are you? What are your key strengths, key motivators and where do you want to be in the next 5, 10 or 20 years? Completing a Skills Gap Analysis helps you bridge the gap from where you are today and where you want to be.

3. Be Specific

Having a vague idea about what you want to achieve, like get a new job, make X amount of money, is not enough as a career goal. A well defined goal will inform what activities you pursue, what events you attend, and even what information you need know to achieve your goal.

4. Set SMART Goals

In setting your goal, apply the SMART framework, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. You are more likely to achieve your goal if you consider these factors when defining it. If your target is a pay increase, how much do you want? What’s realistic based on your level and company performance? What will you do to earn it? And when can you expect it to be achieved?

Walking through these steps will ensure you have thought things through so that you can set yourself up for success.

5. Make it Personal

Your goal does not have to be monumental but it needs to be focused. It’s the first step to building a relevant visibility strategy that will get you noticed by the right people and on the path to fast track your career. More importantly, your goal needs to inspire you. Set a goal that is personal and means something to you. It is easier to anchor yourself to a goal you believe in than a goal you think you are expected to set. The best goals motivate you to take action now, not sometime in the distant future.

Ultimately, the right job for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. By considering these factors and taking the time to research and evaluate different job opportunities, you can increase your chances of finding a job that is a good fit for you.

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